Denver Nuggets Lose in 5 To San Antonio Spurs

Mai 7, 2007


The Nuggets‘ post-season run came to an end, as the Spurs beat the Nuggets 93-78 in 5 games. It was one of Iverson’s worst playoff performances, where he made just 31 of 92 shots, after scoring 31 in the their Game 1 win.

„I felt like this was the worst playoff series that I’ve played in my career,“ Iverson said. „It was kind of frustrating, coming into a new situation, wanting to be the one that gets this team over the hump, get them out of the first round. And to play like I’m not capable of playing is just frustrating.“

But the outlook looks good for the Nuggets, we saw a glimpse of the Nuggets full-force near the end of the season where they won 10 of 11. Once they get a full training camp together, they could possibly be a top 1-2-3 seed in the West. Hopefully, they’ll be able to keep Camby in the off-season, and have a healthy K-Mart come back in October.



Iverson and Anthony Combine for 61 As Nuggets Steal Game 1 From Spurs on the Road

April 23, 2007


AI and Melo gave the San Antonio Spurs a surprise One-Two punch they never expected. Anthony scored 30 points and Iverson added 31 as the Nuggets steal Game One on the road. Nene added 13 points and 12 rebounds and Marcus Camby grabbed 10 boards. Denver entered the playoffs having won 10 of 11, and are playing their best basketball right now.

However, the Nuggets aren’t celebrating just yet. Two years ago, they were in the same situation where they won game one, but lost the next four straight. Nuggets will need to stay poised to beat the Spurs in what will definitely be a tough series.

Nuggets‘ Coach Karl wins in return to bench

April 6, 2007

The Denver Nuggets coach returned to the team after spending two days with his son, who had surgery to remove cancerous lymph nodes.

„We were all aware of the situation, with his son and everything“ Nugget forward Carmelo Anthony said after Denver’s 120-115 win over Sacramento on Wednesday night.. „He settled us down by telling us all was well.“

Melo had his 4th straight 30-point game scoring 31. Iverson had a double-double, with 16 points and 10 assists. Nuggets are now a half game behind LA Lakers for the 6th spot. But, do they want to play Phoenix or San Antonio in the first round?